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You have a question and cannot get a clear answer?

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The benefits? This is your one-stop-shop where we can help you with all your challenges and questions!

Time saving & quick solutions

More benefits? You'll have a lot more time for fun and your family & don't have to share private matters with colleagues!

Peace of Mind

Would you like to get advice? And maybe your first Dutch friend?


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You are an expat

You can hire me privately but, alternatively, you can also ask your employer to appoint me as coach for you and your other expat colleagues


You are an employer

You can call me to get one of your employees some help or, alternatively, you can hire me to help and coach your employees in-house


You know an expat

Expats need help, sometimes, with stuff that is easy for us Dutchies. Help them by pointing out there is someone who likes to help them


Looking for help with basic issues?

You can ask me to find
  • the best people to do your home improvements and your interior design
  • English speaking plumbers, painters, electricians or other DIY people
  • reliable cleaners and gardeners
  • trustworthy dog walkers or house sitters

You can also ask me to run your errands and coordinate deliveries.

I can help you with
  • explaining the public transport system
  • buying a vehicle (car or bike)
  • changing your drivers license
  • local knowledge
  • car hire
  • business travel
  • holiday booking and itineraries
  • any emergencies
I can help you find
  • local doctors & dentists
  • a counsellor or psychologist in your own language
  • medical specialists
  • specialists

I provide assistance and accompany you when you need to go and see

  • the police or other official bodies
  • the CBR (driving license orgaisation)

I can help you getting a

  • DigId
  • Dutch drivers license


Advice on the schooling system?


I can assist you with
  • an overview of Dutch and international schools
  • understanding the Dutch education system
  • interviews with schools
  • registration

I can help you find
  • an au pair, babysitters and nannies
  • pre and after school care
  • sports clubs


Support with finding work or your own company?


I will take care of your
  • translations
  • negotiations
  • personal administration (contracts, bills, expenditures, other obligations)
  • (Dutch) mail and emails
  • child benefit and childcare allowance
  • consultations re. income tax, tax forms, tax return papers
  • (electronic) banking
  • telephone call center
  • bookkeeping
  • scheduling appointments
  • organizing your meetings
  • managing your expenses

I advice you on and assist you with
  • career counseling
  • setting up a business of your own
  • legal and practical issues
  • rental registrations, office and car lease, contracts, insurances and the like
  • help you set up a volunteer organization
  • setting up a bookkeeping system and administration
  • finding training, coaching, personnel and all other organizational issues you may have

Studious female high school student

I will help you to find suitable
  • education for your career
  • Dutch lessons
  • volunteer work
  • career coaching
  • cultural training and/or the cultural integration course (Inburgeringscursus)


In need of some pampering?


I’ll find you the best
  • (specialised) restaurants
  • tickets for any event
  • spas and weekend breaks
  • shops
  • sports
  • family entertainment
  • private chef at your home

And if you so wish

  • I’ll get you acquainted with expat groups and social clubs

I will find you the very best
  • fine dining restaurants
  • red carpet and VIP events

And I am able to organise & plan your

  • parties and events
  • wedding

A taste of Holland when you want to pamper yourself or your boss
  •  Pick-up from your house in a stretched limo
  • Guided tour of Amsterdam
  • Afternoon tea in the Amstel Hotel
  • Pick-up with your limo-for-the-day to a nearby helicopter area
  • Helicopter tour of the Netherlands
  • Pick-up by your limo-for-the-day and brought to Van Gogh Museum
  • Guided tour of the Van Gogh museum
  • Pick-up by your limo-for-the-day and dropped off for dinner at Restaurant Ciel Bleu
  • Picked-up and dropped off at home by your limo-for-the-day

This day out is for up to a maximum of 6 people.


Too many things to think of?


In this stage I can advice you on and support you with
  • the cancellation of leases, (home, car, etc.), bank accounts, etc.
  • claiming the deposit
  • liaising with insurance company in case of damages
  • unsubscribing all the utility contract contracts
  • selling your house
  • overseeing and coordinating professional cleaning and repairs if required
  • completing a final inventory check out with the landlord/representative
  • providing mediation with removal companies
  • changing your postal address
  • deregistering you from the local authorities
  • If case you are moving to a new expat location, we will partner with your new relocation agency


It may surprise you how much!


Expat Assessment Package
  • 1 Home visit 1.5 hours
  • Travel time
  • After care/research
  • Update via email or phone call

Service Subscriptions

We have 4 different subscriptions available. All of them catered to your needs. If you only need a little bit of help you can opt for the smallest contract, if you’d like ongoing support for, for example, your business you can opt for the larger. All of them include housevisits, service hours and phone and email support. Please click here to request up-to-date the pricelist.

Prepaid Service Hours

If you have irregular jobs you want to hand over you may decide to get yourself a Prepaid Service Hours card. This card will ensure you get a discount on the normal hourly charges and you are more flexible in using them than with a regular subscription. You can buy these cards for 5 or 10 hours.

Hourly rates

When you only have a small job to do it’s probably best to hire me per hour.



The ultimate dream package

€ 10.000 for a day

I can help you with these issues and more.

Call me now

Individual help for just one of your employees

In-house coaching for all your expat staff

I can help you with these issues and more.

Call me now

I guess we could have spent some time searching through the various ex-pat forums and online groups in order to find the information we needed, but then we wouldn’t have got the solutions as quickly and reliably


Expats Carolyn & Stefano

Carolyn & Stafano

Thank you for your proactive, creative approach to the unique challenges that Expats face. It’s a huge advantage to have you in our corner, Jacqueline!

Margaret Salome

Jacqueline ter Haar

Jacqueline ter Haar

Owner of Expat Support

I am Jacqueline ter Haar. I was born and raised in Amsterdam and have been married to an expat for twenty years. When we went our separate ways I was astounded at how difficult expat life still was for him after more than 20 years of living in the Netherlands. When I looked around I saw many more of my expat friends going through the same struggle. And I realized that existing in the Netherlands and living a fulfilling and happy life here are two different things.

I became excited and it still is the driving force for my business. I want to help expats enjoy their life in The Netherlands! I understand how this country and culture works and although Amsterdam, Rotterdam, The Hague are, admittedly, not as big as London, New York or Shanghai, they are still large enough to get lost in. I am able to help people with most, of their practical issues because I can honestly say that my services are based upon a true understanding of what expats really need.



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